November 16th-20th

Personal Finance: The teams have been assigned. You are now to work on your credit card design using the parameters and requirements I have given you. This project is due the Monday we return from break.

In the interim, please be familiar with this current event for discussion purposes, when we return:

Computer Applications:

Monday-Current Event due today. Move on to Projects 45 & 46. If you have completed these projects, please move on to the currency chapter (Lesson 3) and complete steps 3.1 , 3.2 and Project 47.

Tuesday-Project 48.

Wednesday-Step by Step 4.1 and Project 49.

Thursday-Project 50

Friday-Step by Step  5.1 and Project 51.

Radio Station: There will be a meeting immediately after school in the business lab on the 16th. The station will be closed after school until further notice.