November 9-13th

Personal Finance: Welcome to Credit Land. We will be engaged in credit card activities for at least the next two weeks. We’ll be reviewing key concepts and terminology, examining the national debate on credit card usage, including President Obama’s mandates and we will culminate the lesson with a design activity. If anybody would like to bring in credit card offers that they have received in the mail for extra credit, please see me. All information and identifying remarks will be black lined.


Monday-Finish current event questions, they are due by the end of the day on Tuesday the 10th.

Tuesday-Intro to Credit Cards presentation and discussion of the Maxed Out Movie.

Wednesday-Discussion of credit card horror stories and review of basic terminology. Expect a quiz tomorrow.

Thursday-Quiz and NEFE ASSIGNMENT. READ PAGES 41-45

4B, 4-1 AND 4-C

Friday-Finish NEFE WORK  and Team CREDIT CARD Assignments.

Finally, I haven’t received any feedback about the links to the games from the previous week’s posting. Here is a new one. Please try it out at your leisure and let me know what you think:

Computer Applications: Spreadsheets!

Monday-Read and be prepared to discuss pages 195-202 in class tomorrow. Complete Step by Step 1.1.

Tuesday-Discussion of concepts from 195-202. Please complete project 43.

Wednesday-Project 44.

Thursday-Step by Step 2.1 and review of concepts for quiz tomorrow.

Friday-Quiz and Current Event

Radio-Meeting has been rescheduled due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Next meeting will take place on Monday of Next Week after school.