November 2-6th

Personal Finance:

Monday-Discuss Walmart Questions. Continue Inventory and Furniture Adjustments. Hand out of Example Lease.

Tuesday-Modify Lease. Remember to add realistic terms to the lease.

Wednesday-Quiz over Lease terminology and Assignment of Current Event, which is due next Monday the 9th. Here is the article:

Thursday-View Maxed Out Movie.

Friday-Finish Maxed Out Movie. Start thinking about the ideal credit card. We will be designing our own next week.

Computer Applications

Monday-Quiz. Answer questions that accompany last week’s current event that dealt with retailer tracking. Due by Wednesday

Tuesday-Step by Step 4.1. Project 32 in Korb Book.

Wednesday-Current Event due Today. Project 33 in Korb Book.

Thursday-Project 34 and 35.

Friday-Supplementary Project 36.

Radio Station: Meeting Afterschool in Business Lab on the 11th.