October 12-16

Personal Finance:

Monday-Grocery Shopping

Tuesday-Insurance Discussion and SM 1-5/Part of NEFE work. Due Wednesday. I recommend taking notes on the discussion in order to ensure (no pun intended) success on your quiz Friday.

Wednesday-Log in Grocery purchase x4 for checkbook. Introduction to leases.

Thursday-Possible insurance shopping if log in information is correct. Further considerations for dwelling. Handout of INVEST Insurance workbook.

Friday-Quiz over insurance material.  NEFE workbook work or INVEST work.

Computer Applications:

Monday-Hand in Current Event by end of class. Also Exercises 17-19 are due today latest. Then, step by step 4.1 and Project 20.

Tuesday-Project 21 &22

Wednesday-Step by Step 6.1 and 6.2. Project 23

Thursday-Check for Understanding. Review of concepts and new terminology. Project 24.

Friday-Quiz and Current Event


Radio Station: It has come to my attention that many of the disc jockeys are not doing station ids or even speaking. If you fall into this camp, then consider yourself forewarned. By their very nature, disc jockeys are supposed to talk, play music and provide personality. Individuals who cannot perform this task will be asked to remedy the situation and will be removed if this continues. Many students who want to do this will gladly take your place and provide talk and personality if you cannot. You are being monitored for this. Get the word out about 89.1 to your friends. Take requests prior to going on air, talk up your show and become visible!