October 5th-9th

Personal Finance: Please read the introduction to insurance paper. After you have thoroughly read this, you are to complete the quizzes that are included in them. This week’s current event deals with the topic of auto insurance and how some car manufacturers are tackling it as it regards teens. Read the article and be prepared to  answer questions after your quiz on Wednesday.


Tuesday: We begin discussion of auto insurance and much of the key terminology involved. Expect a quiz this week. We will also further adjust your checkbook this week with several new payments.

Wednesday: Quiz over insurance materials.NEFE Work and shopping for insurance for the car you have chosen.

Thursday:  Hand in current event, continue insurance discussion. Handback graded NEFE workbooks. Assignment of NEFE Exercises #4 (2d, 2-3 and 2-4).

Friday: Preliminary plan is to go shopping for auto insurance online and finish NEFE in class.

Computer Applications:

We transition this week from vector and bitmap graphics to word processing. Please read pages 75-80 in the Korb workbook. Plan for a quiz over the material on Thursday. We will review this on Wednesday.

Monday: Step by Step 1.1, 1.2 and Project 16. Due by Wednesday latest.

Tuesday: Step by Step 2.1 and  Project 17. Due by Thursday latest.

Wednesday:  Step by Step 3.1 and 3.2.

Thursday:  Project 18. Quiz  over pages 75-80. Check for comprehension before moving to next project.

Friday: Project 19 and Current Event.


Radio Station: Tentative plan for meeting after school Thursday. Please plan to show proof this week that your projects are progressing. All CD’s from the pile should be gone by Friday.