September 28-October 2nd

Personal Finance: Auto Buying Exercise is due today (Monday). NEFE Workbook, 2A and 2-1 Due on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Basic Paycheck  Discussion. Review terms from NEFE workbook for Quiz on Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Quiz over terms and concepts. Move on to 2C and 2-2.

Thursday:  Discussion of financial goals, paying yourself first, medicaid, social security.

Current Event: See me for questions. This is due on Monday:

Friday: Hand back Quiz. Discuss answers. Begin Insurance discussion.

Computer Applications:

Quiz Monday, then complete Project 11.

Tuesday: Supplementary project 12. Current Event is here:

See me for the corresponding questions. Due on Monday of next week.

Wednesday-Thursday: Supplementary Projects 13 & 14.

Thursday-Supplementary Project 15.

Friday-Read Intro to Word Processing and complete  Step by Step 1.1 and 1.2.

Radio Station: Finish CD sorting/disposal. Final schedule is posted this week. Please obtain a copy of the sporting events calendar from Mr. Messier and plan to start a daily announcement to correspond with this. MEETING AFTER SCHOOL THURSDAY 3:10-3:30.