September 14-18

Personal Finance: Please make sure that the interview follow up paper is turned in to me by Thursday the 17th. A brief presentation regarding types of financial identities, needs and wants and goal setting starts the week. Expect to receive your NEFE workbook this week and complete exercises in the first chapter. Questions from the article on Gender Pay Scales (which you can find by scrolling down) are due on Tuesday. A new financial current event article with questions will be forthcoming towards the end of the week. Also, expect a quiz over the introductory concepts on Friday!

Computer Applications: All work up to Project 3 and the most recent current event article are due at the end of the day on September 14th. Following this, please read chapter Four and complete exercises 4.1, 4.2 and Project 4 by Wednesday latest. There will be a quiz covering the concepts in the workbook from Lessons 2-5 on Friday. Here is this week’s current event article link:

Radio:  A complete  shift schedule will be in effect starting Wednesday the 16th. Look for a copy of the schedule to be posted on the window. It is your responsibility to clear this with your advisory/study hall supervisor and your guidance counselor. Wish lists of music are due by the 17th. During your shift, a maximum of two people only are allowed in the broadcast studio. Please do not abuse this privilege!