June 4-5th

Computer Applications: Please remember that the list of applications  I prepared for you to complete is due on June 5th, I would encourage you to work outside of class either at home or in the business lab to complete as much as possible.This is for your benefit. If you have completed this and are not an exempt senior, please see me to get started early on certain portions of the final.

Personal Finance: If you have not turned in the WSJ article questions, they are due at the end of class on the 4th. We will finish filling in the Excel Budget sheets this week. Also, expect a review for the pending final exam. Your binder is worth twenty points. Please review the material in your NEFE workbook if you are feeling anxious.You will find that it reiterates much of the concepts we have discussed this semester.

Still thinking about credit vs. debit?


Radio: Although I am unable to make it to your presentations, I wish you all the best in your Independent Study work.  Please continue to observe the FCC and station regs we have set forth.

One Comment on “June 4-5th”

  1. tdub7 says:

    Mr. Mooney
    I absolutly loved your class. This is the stuff we should be learning, I mean Who needs to know if what Y*X^2/3=’s I mean if I’m in the grocery store I don’t want to figure out how many apple i can get by doing algebra. I also learned don’t let telemarketers sell you somehing it could be a piece of junk. That is why when someone calls my foster parents house and I am home alone I say Loose this number, Or if they want to sell me insurance i say what kind of cars do we own just to through them off, If they answer by saying A Subaru Impreza Outback I respond By saying If you knew what i owned and that i have insuance, you suckers wouldn’t call us, By the way we own chevy’s good day!! They call back later i let my folks answer it.

    Bridgette Waite