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An argument for Ipods

There are several schools of thought regarding the usage of Ipods or MP3 devices in the educational environment. I have been a big supporter of the Ipod since its inception. In many cases it is a lifestyle device. With the newer versions (Ipod Touch, I phone) you are able to read a book on the device through the Amazon Kindle App, Determine your global position , Check your E-Mail, etc. The possibilities are endless. Technology is meant to make your life easier and these devices certainly accomplish this mission. However, in many schools there have been instances of cheating or inappropriate usage with these amazing devices. Many schools allow them for the purpose of receiving podcasts. What is a podcast? Here is a short definition for the uninitiated:

Many colleges and recently high schools, have started utilizing these podcasts as companions to the daily lectures and topics that instructors are using. This has come to be a part of the much ballyhooed or excitement about Web 2.0 movement. The podcast would supplement learning outside of the classroom confines.

I find that the level of engagement among students increases in many cases while students use Ipods to complete tasks at the computer. There is a definite increase in focus.

Here is a particularly convincing argument as to why they should be allowed:

What are the drawbacks then? Do Ipods corrupt the young?

Your blog should discuss both of these arguments and then discuss the “ideal way” to implement them in a school. Does this include instructor permission only?What should the procedure be for those who are caught cheating with their ipods? If you were allowed to use these devices at any time, what would be the effect on your academic life? In some schools, students are issued Ipods at the beginning of the year, much like a textbook. How would you feel about this? Is all this new technology leading to a generation of disconnected students who don’t interact with their teachers or is it strengthening the relationship?

YOU ARE TO ANSWER THIS IN A COMPLETE PARAGRAPH FORMAT. Do not answer as if this was a simple yes or no short answer type of structure.


Hope for those who feel hopeless in face of the credit card crisis:


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  1. Chante' says:

    I think I pods should be allowed in school but only under certain rules. Ipods should be allowed in the classrooms if the student still pays attention. Ipods should not be allowed during test or quizes. Ipods can help students take notes and remember homework. I know that if I write my homework in my assignment notebook than I don’t always remember to do it but if my homework was on my Ipod, that I bring with me everywhere, I would remember to do it. Most students listen to their Ipod outside of school and bring it with them everywhere and if they had homework or notes on it than they would remember to read them or do their homework. A lot of students would like to take notes on their Ipods because its easier than writing them down on paper and its a good way to bring your notes with you because a lot of students don’t like to bring their binders home with them but they always bring their Ipods with them. Keeping notes on your Ipod could help you study for test also because you could have the notes on your Ipods and you could make a study guild on your Ipods. You could be studying and listening to music at the same time. I know that listening to music while doing work in school helps me concentrate. One bad thing about Ipods in schools is that it could make some students not pay attention to the teacher or their work. There are some schools where Ipods are required for school. They are required for certain classes and they help the students. For more information about this than go here.

    If students get caught cheating with their Ipods than it should be taken away and only given back to the parent. Also that student should not be allowed to use their Ipod in that class for the rest of the year. Here is more information about cheating in schools.

    Some teachers think it is a good idea to let the students use their Ipods in school. They know that if they expect the students to just sit there and listen to the teacher than the students are not going to be interested and they are not going to listen. Some teachers think it makes school more fun for the students and most of the students will agree with that. Here is more information about teachers and Ipods.

    Giving out Ipods at the beginning of the year is a really good idea beacuse if there is a student that can’t afford an Ipod for school than the school would provide them with one. Ipods can make the relationship between the students and the teachers better because some students don’t like to ask quetsion but if they have one than after class they can show the teacher the notes on their Ipod and ask them about it. Making Ipods allowed in school would be a very good idea. More students would be doing their homework and studying for test. Some students would be asking the questions that they have always been scared to ask. There are pros and cons about Ipods in school but I think that there are more pros than cons. I think Ipods should be allowed in schools. here are more pros and cons about Ipods in schools.

  2. nkajune25 says:

    There are many pros and cons for ipods. My perspective as a student, I think that ipods are great for schools. I think that one…it helps students to concentrate on homework,quizes,and tests. Two…I know that a teacher here was seriously considering getting ipods for her class because she thought that it would help her students learn more. Like for homework assignments, she would have them listen to lectures and speeches by other teachers from all over the place and write an essay on it. Teens are more interested in technology, not reading out of a book. Ipods are just another way to boost the eagerness to learn.
    Here’s a good article to look at…

  3. jvart1 says:

    Ipods have both good and bad effects in school. Students love ipods and listening to their music. But ipods can be used for other purposes as well, like as a distraction or even a cheating aid. I think that teachers should be able to announce, freely,when students are allowed to listen to their personal music devices. Teachers would only do this when they have no more to teach for the day, and the students have free time. Jordan

  4. ahhhgro says:

    As a strong advocate for technology I fully endorse the use of Ipods and I am particularly interested in the podcast idea. It seems like a very powerful learning tool as it would allow the students to take the lecture with them. They also provide stress relief in the class room and boost moral + teacher/student relations.

    Of course with great technology comes great responsibility and there will have to be some level of trust between student and teacher. Some things are definite though, such as Ipods have no place in a test taking environment, AT ALL. Not only is this to easy a situation for a cheater to abuse (,2933,268903,00.html), but also it could serve as distraction to other students as well. Put those speakers to full and they make a bit of noise even through earphones. – Kyle

  5. cbright7 says:

    I think that Ipods are a good way to keep track of personal things, such as music, photos and written work, but I dont think they should be utilized as an educational tool. If professors started puting lectures and assignments up as a pod cast instead of just teaching teh class, people like me with Dial up internet would be spending more time waiting for the thing to download onto the computer than they would doing the work assigned.
    On the other hand it is a easy way, for most people, to get the information they need quickly, and then have it ready for another, more convienent time.

    • mrmooney says:

      The idea of electronics as a tool is what drives this argument. Dial-up speed is a very real concern for many Vermonters that are situated in rural areas. Perhaps the establishment of ipod stations throughout the school of the future might be a way to go. The idea that school is limited to basic brick and mortar structures is starting to dissolve. This is where the electronic device as a tool is so important. Nice job.