Personal Finance, Monday-Wednesday

We will be discussing the articles from last week in class, starting tomorrow. I recommend that you be prepared for this or we will go straight to a quiz on the material.

After POH film, please take a moment to try this exercise:,9171,1812048,00.html

Take a piece of paper with numbers 1 to 100. Using a pencil (because you might want to erase and redo), write down the 100 items you really think you must have to live, not only to live frugally but to live well. The idea is not to
force a Spartan existence, but to focus on the great usefulness and joy of having the 100 most important items. This exercise will be a good one to start you thinking about trade-offs between work and family, work and leisure, and the overall goal of financial well-being. With financial well-being, individualsĀ  have the finances to fund the activities that mean the most to them. Finances are a tool to well-being, not the end result.