Home of Tomorrow

Computer Apps: For those who have made it past the Local History PP, you are to start your wordpress.com blog. The first topic of discussion will be the pros and cons of cell phone usage in schools. You are to back your arguments up with links and evidence. This must not be only an opinion piece.

Also, I thought this might be topical. Since many of you are new to blogging, check out its financial upside:


Personal Finance: The modular home industry is being set on its ear. Check out the I-home. We’ll be discussing this next Monday along with the previous USA Today article. Be prepared. Your discussion is factored into your grade and you are expected to participate:


AND, DR. Seuss teaches money?


Radio Station: We will meet during 7th perid Activity tomorrow (May 8th).


2 Comments on “Home of Tomorrow”

  1. hisgurl666 says:

    it is good but there could be examples of businesses that pay you to blog about their company. Other than that it looks good. It has a lot of information that could help people and it explains it pretty good also.

  2. mrmooney says:

    I think the idea of being paid to write or offer your opinion is pretty neat. The author makes a point to point out how much can be made. Would you do this if the opportunity to make an extra $500 per month existed? As Mrs. Komando points out, it requires lots of work. However, it is also liberating to know you can work from home.