Week of May 4th

Personal Finance: We will continue with the Investing Unit for the next few days. We will review the Chapter 3 exercises from last week. If you have not signed up for the Virtual Stock Market yet, you are already falling behind the class. Get on the ball. You are to read Chapter 5, pages 59-66 of your NEFE workbook. Exercises 5C and 5d are due at the end of class on Tuesday. Expect a quiz over this chapter and the Chapter 3 material on Wednesday.

Also, this is a really fun little game to play that you can use to up your financial education iq. Give it a try and let me know, via e-mail or comment to this blog, what you think.


Please read this article and click on the video embedded on page 1 of the article:




Computer  Apps: Continue work on your Web 2.0 or Power Point work. Sometimes Technology can be used outside of the norm. Check out this article from the Burlington Free Press. I thought all the Zombies had been killed off for good.