Not Much Longer

Summer will be here before you know it.

Personal Finance: Please answer the movie questions. These should be done in complete sentences. Once you have finished the questions, turn them in to me. You are now to move on to the following exercises in your NEFE workbook:

Read pages 30-36

Complete Exercises 3B, 3C, 3D, and read figure 3-2

When finished, see me for the Time Value of Money Worksheet

Go to Virtual Stock Market:

The name of the game you will be playing is called The_Players_Club. You are given $100,000. Take this money and start buying shares of different companies. You will be asked to provide a weekly ranking and tell me which stocks you own that are winners (big gains) and losers (losses). At the end of the semester, we will determine a winner and a prize will be awarded.

We will discuss the time value of money this week. Starting early benefits your retirement will be the focus.

Computer Apps: Many of you are at various stages of Alice programming. The majority of you are either engaged in the final project or very close to starting it. I cannot stress this enough, do more than the bare minimum, I am looking for creativity and evidence that you understand the basic programming controls. Once you have finished this, you are to show it to me for grading purposes and move on. Each successive day will bring new projects that are either PowerPoint or Web 2.0 centered. Keep up the pace.

Here is a calendar project that I would like you to tackle when you have finished with your Local Power Point assignment:

Radio: Purchase orders for the wish list will be going out soon. Plan to meet next week either during activity period or after school.