Upcoming and Current Assignments

Personal Finance: Please turn in the economics assignment by end of class Wednesday. When finished with this, please make sure that you have changed your budget. Again the link is:



Allow for State of Vermont and standard deductions. Once you have done this, put the revised amount into your net income column on the excel budget spreadsheet. Also, I would like you to read and review this article on student entrepeneurs. We will review and discuss this article when you have returned from break.



In a down economy, certain sectors rise and fall. Generally, educational enrollment will increase. Apparently other sectors rise too:



Computer Applications: Please work on finishing your final Alice assignment (game or movie). When finished with this please show me your work and I will grade it accordingly. Remember that I am looking for creativity and demonstration of your knowledge gained while working on this project.

Radio: Please continue observing the new rules that were set forth by the tech center. Have a happy and safe Spring Break. We will not be meeting for activity period this Friday.