Spring has Sprung?

Personal Finance-Quiz on April 10th over credit terms and taxes. Also, we will use this tool for our hypothetical paycheck/salary of $39k a year:


Exercise 2-4 from your NEFE books is due Monday latest. After completing this, please see me about the Nissan marketing article. This will be due at the end of Monday’s class.Here is an archived digital copy of the article: http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story/A1Story20070523-8240.html

Computers: The final leg of Alice is approaching. Be sure to see me about your options for the final Alice project. When we return from Spring Break, we will start our unit on effective presentations, blogging and mixboox. .This is one of thousands of Web 2.0 technologies that are floating around the net. Try it out:


Radio Station-For the foreseeable future, only two people are allowed in the radio wing (hallway and station) at a time. This is in response to the vandalism that has occurred in the Tech Center. Failure to observe this will result in suspension of broadcast privileges and possible shuttering of the station altogether. Respect the rule.