March 31-April 3rd

Personal Finance-You are working on your credit card design exercise this week. It should be completed by Friday latest. Don’t forget the exercises that are on the bottom of the assignment. After this, go to this link: Once there, go through the flash presentation called the ABC’s of credit. Depending on where you are, you may want to adjust your computer speakers.  Also, I have added this link for you to read. Its about greed. Expect a question exercise on it on Friday.

Computer Applications: You should continue completion of your sketchup exercises-which realistically should be coming to a close and then moving to Alice-a programming language developed by Carnegie Mellon. We will make a detour into resume writing and proper resume etiquette utilizing Microsoft Word.  Expect to delve into blogs soon.

Radio Station: Thanks to Chapin for all of his hard work on getting the site up and running/logos, etc. Your assignment this week is to find a good automation program. I need to turn in a price/wish list this week!


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  1. Shelley says:

    Dear Mr. Mooney,

    I posted a response to your e-portfolio question, and then found a few more links:

    I’m stopping now, I SWEAR!