February 10-16

Personal Finance-Your interviews will take place this Thursday, the 12th of February during 8th period. Please come prepared with resume, cover letter and try to wear something nice/nice-casual.  You will be virtually buying a car on the 10th. This exercise is due at the beginning of class on Thursday. I will have your interview assignments posted on the board.

Computer Apps-The Newsletter deadline has been extended until Monday the 16th. Following this, you are to do the Excel Capstone Project, which is due by the 20th.

Radio-The following students are to arrange an interview with Phil Lovely regarding the tech center’s new program in Computer Network Administration: Justin Pineo, Jordan May and Max Shaw. This should happen before we leave for February Break.

One Comment on “February 10-16”

  1. Chapin Bryce says:

    Hey Mr. Mooney,
    tomorrow i will have max and justin work on questions for the interview with mr lovely. i will have them interview him probably thursday or friday. i will not be at school on friday because i have a ski race that is all day. also the art dept. needs the hard drive back soon, so we may have to find funds to purchase our own or we need one that we can call ours. both computers are in the same rooms now, which i am not sure if i like or not, it is good and bad in a sense. i also am thinking about talking to matt or grant or robin, about storing our music on the network so that we don’t take up all the space on the computers. another thing is i talked to matt about maybe being able to use a harddrive or another computer from the tech center as a temp. third computer, and maybe i can try running Leopard 10.5 on it.

    next year, at the radio station, if you plan to be the advisor for it, we should try to purchase a third mac mini, and find more DJ’s, so that we may have one each period. of course these are just dreams for the station, so i don’t know about what is and isn’t reasonable to ask Mr. Teegarten.

    otherwise i hope you feel better and will see you upon return.
    ~Chapin Bryce