Welcome To:January 27-30th

Personal Finance: Welcome to class. Your first assignments are to: Take the Myers-Briggs Online Test and then go to The Department of Labor Website to find your occupation. I am looking for (a) A printout of your type and (b) A printout of your occupation along with salary (c) Now answer the assignment I have handed you on the first day (January 27th). Don’t forget that I will check that you have  purchased a binder on the First Monday in February.

Here are the links: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Here is the occupational outlook:


Computer Applications: You are to complete the first Word Assignment by Monday, end of class. They are found in the black binders. If you finish, after turning it in to me, you are to move on to the next assignment.

If you get past all Word Exercises, then move on to this Excel Assignment. This should take at least two days, more likely three days.



Radio: It is more than likely time to crown a new P.D. as our current one will be temporarily going on hiatus. Chapin has done an absolutely incredible job as P.D. and should be thanked immensely for his contributions. Check this site daily for your assignments.

Please fill out the daily logs. This is not a request. FCC rules and regs require logs of station activity.