January 15-End of Semester

Radio-Having completed the terms quiz, your priority is now to interview either Mr. Limoge or Mr. Lovely on air about the tech center’s mission. Also, you should have two new podcasts ready to go by the 21st. NO CLASSIC ROCK! For a change, I would like some variety.

Personal Finance-Please turn in your permission forms for the Enron movie. I am happy to announce the winner of our Virtual Stock Exchange is………………Dustin Pecor with a score of 304 out of 6,200 other players. Congratulations. If you are an exempt senior, congratulations on your achievement. Your study guide will be distributed Friday the 16th. Also, prepare to turn in your portfolio on test day as it is 50% of your grade.

Computer Applications-The essay portion of your mid term accounts for 50 points of your test. Unless you are an exempt senior, you will be taking the midterm at the scheduled time. We will review for this on Friday, the 16th.

For all of those who will not be joining my other classes next semester, thanks for your time. For those who will, sleep in fear. Just kidding,  I look forward to meeting you and jumping into a new semester.