December 17-24th

Computer Apps: The 32 things list has been converted to paper. Please pick one up and complete the assignment. This is due by Tuesday the 24th. However, given the current state of our connection speed, this can be taken under advisement. The obvious choice would be to assign this for homework, but many of you don’t have a computer at your residence  or a reliable connection;thus this would not be fair. An alternative assignment utilizing Microsoft Office will be forthcoming on Friday, if we are still lagging. 

Personal Finance:  Wednesday: Please read the USA today Article on Credit. You are to answer the questions that correspond to it, that are on the front desk. We will also have a mid-week ranking check for the VSE. You may only spend 10 minutes of your time on this today.

Thursday: 15 minutes on VSE. Turn in Credit Card Homework. We have previously discussed how the media can influence the stock market and individual stocks in particular. Please read this article and provide a 2 page double-spaced summary. Be prepared to answer questions on Steve Jobs, Market Reactions to the Announcement and If you think Apple’s strategy is wise or ill-advised.

Friday: Quiz on yesterday’s material. Open-note format. 15 minutes on VSE. Summary of Liabilities and Assets handout. Life Insurance and Retirement if Possible.

Monday-Financial Related Media

Tuesday-Financial Related Media

Radio-I am still waiting for the interview to be done with Mr. Limoge. The portable recorder is set up, charged and ready to go. This should be completed by Friday’s activity period. Collaborate on a list of questions and then set up an interview time with him. If he is not available, set up the same interview with Mr. Lovely or Mr. Teegarden.