Welcome Back from the Holidays

Computer Apps-First a couple of changes: Your final Alice project (game or movie) is due on December 12th. The date change is to enable us to fit a few more projects into the semester. After you finish this, refer to my previous post about completion of the 32 things assignment.

Personal Finance-Your terms test is tomorrow as promised. Here is a list of the last terms you should add to the previous data:

front-end load

A sales charge paid when an individual buys an investment, such as a mutual fund, limited partnership, annuity, or insurance policy. The load is clubbed with the first payment made by an investor, so the total initial payment is higher than the later payments. The purpose of a load is to cover administrative expenses and transaction costs and sometimes to discourage asset turnover.

ticker symbol

A system of letters used to uniquely identify a stock or mutual fund. Symbols with up to three letters are used for stocks which are listed and trade on an exchange. Symbols with four letters are used for Nasdaq stocks. Symbols with five letters are used for Nasdaq stocks other than single issues of common stock. Symbols with five letters ending in X are used for mutual funds.

Radio-Each DJ must have three podcasts in the can by Friday latest at a minimum. Also, lets plan to meet after school on Wednesday for five minutes for a yearbook photo.