November 18-21st

Computer Applications: Your goals are to finish the Graveyard Exercise, they will not be accepted after Friday. Following this, you are to move on to the final Alice project of your choice. This can either be the game design or the movie construct. These will be due by the end of the quarter, latest. If you finish this, you are to go to this site


and complete all of the functions: This will be your introduction to blogging, RSS Feeds and other Web 2.0 functions. I will be guiding you through this process and will explain their relevance and utility as you progress through the chain of assignments. This will then be followed by the final program that we utilize in this class known as Antics 3d.

Personal Finance: Here is the term of the day:

Term of the Day – defensive stock

A stock that tends to remain stable under difficult economic conditions. Defensive stocks include food, tobacco, oil, and utilities. These stocks hold up in hard times because demand does not decrease as dramatically as it may in other sectors. Defensive stocks tend to lag behind the rest of the market during economic expansion because demand does not increase as dramatically in an upswing.

Your terms and investing test will take place on the Tuesday of the week we return to school. Please be ready and reference this site for any questions or missed terminology. We continue our exploration of college financing this week and will have a visitor from VSAC on Friday. Please bring your questions.

Radio: Your assignment(s) are posted on the door of the production room. As a reminder, any requests for work must be cleared with me ahead of time.