November 10th-14th

LUHS OPEN HOUSE ON THE 13th! Please encourage your families to come!!!

Computer Apps-You should have completed all assignments, Island, Snowman Stack, Lunar, Tea Party and Carrier by Wednesday. After this, move on to Assignment #2. This will be due by Friday.

Personal Finance-Grapes of Wrath writing assignment are due by the beginning of class on Tuesday. We start our unit on Stocks, Bonds and other savings instruments on Monday. Please check the page daily to get your daily terms. Here is today’s term of the day:

Term of the Day – ROE

A measure of how well a company used reinvested earnings to generate additional earnings, equal to a fiscal year’s after-tax income (after preferred stock dividends but before common stock dividends) divided by book value, expressed as a percentage. It is used as a general indication of the company’s efficiency; in other words, how much profit it is able to generate given the resources provided by its stockholders. investors usually look for companies with returns on equity that are high and growing.

Radio-The shift schedule will start this week. Please check with either Chapin or Jamie for your slot and you will need to tell me what kind of show you plan on doing. This needs to be filled out and turned in by Tuesday.