November 3rd-7th

Computer Apps-Your Dream School in Sketchup is due on November 4th by the end of class. Once you finish this, you are to move on to the Alice programming module. You must go through all four tutorials or you will be lost! The first exercise will be due on Monday of next week.

Personal Finance-On Monday we look at the Science of Retail. Tuesday will be the utilization of a virtual credit card game. Wednesday, be prepared to be thrown a curve ball as we will look at money media. For Thursday and Friday we will be looking at John Steinbeck’s classic, The Grapes of Wrath and correlating it with our current financial state. Here are your terms for the week:

Par-The nominal dollar amount assigned to a security by the issuer.

Commission-A fee charged by a broker or agent for his/her service in facilitating a transaction, such as the buying or selling of securities or real estate.

Radio-Congratulations again to Brendan and Chapin for their awesome work in getting the station up and running smoothly. Additionally, the PSA’s I have received thus far look very good. All podcasts for the week need to be up and previewed by Friday.