October 27-October 31st

Personal Finance: We are moving on to presentations for your credit card on October 28th. Please be prepared to present. You should have designated your spokesperson by now. This will be the main project of this quarter.Moving on, we will be beginning our foray into stocks and bonds, mutual funds and the risk/reward scenario as it affects your budget and in light of the recent market recession.

Computer Apps: The Rainbow Building project is due October 27th. You will then move on to the dream school project, which will finish our Sketchup unit. It is due by November 3rd the latest.  Programming in Alice will be the next project that we undertake.

Radio Station: The Power Source has arrived! Look to begin live broadcasts any day now. The station has reverted back to the name of THE LIMIT. Also, every tag line must begin with the words, Broadcasting from the Green Mountain Tech Center. Failure to do this will result in your broadcast being pulled!