Short Week! October 20-21st

Computer Applications: The castle is due today! When you finish this, you are to immediately move on to the Rainbow Building project located at the front of the room. I would encourage you not to stall. The Rainbow Building project is fairly simple and will be due at the end of class when you come back!

Personal Finance: Recall that your credit card design project is due tomorrow. You will also have a quiz on the concepts that we have discussed. This will take place during the last 15 minutes of class tomorrow. Plan to present your cards when we return next week.

Radio-The labs are quite frankly, a mess. There will not be food or drink permitted in the labs. A professional workplace is a sign that professionally competent people utilize these facilities. Clean it up! We’ll begin relocating the music collection to storage and wiring the power source immediately. Plan for the format/show list to be formalized next week.