Due to an unforeseen absence, I have had to modify the planned schedule. Please read and follow as you will be expected to turn these in:

Thursday and Friday: Continuing our work in Sketchup. You now have the choice of two projects:

  1. Create your own school or a recreation of LUHS with lobby and rooms. You may want to take a look at the school’s web page for a photo of the front of the school. OR
  2. Create your own town. 50% of the town will be constructed by you and the other 50% can be taken from the 3-D Warehouse. This will be due at the end of class on Tuesday. Remember that Monday is a holiday.

If you finish your town, then you are to move on to the Microsoft Word project that I have left for you. This is not an optional assignment.

*****Remember, Sketchup is a free program. You always have the option to download it and work on it at home if you fall behind. When you are in class, you are expected to work on the projects and utilize your classroom for intended assignments.