May 19-23rd

Monday-Work on Sketchup Skatepark

Tuesday-Move on to Sketchup Tennis Court

Wednesday-Skatepark and Tennis Court are due at end of class today. If you finish, you are to move on to the Sketchup Animate Project. For help on using this feature of sketchup go to the tutorial in Sketchup and follow the instructions for adding scenes.

Thursday-Continue work on Sketchup Animate Project. I am looking for students that have access to a mini-dv movie camera. If you don’t we have a few at the school that we can utilize.

Friday-Tech Talk and start work with Microsoft Movie Maker software.

Monday-May 26th-Memorial day-No School!

Tuesday-Move to Movie Maker projects. Due middle of next week.

I am looking for several benchmarks or goals for your movies:

  • Demonstration of editing prowess
  • Creativity
  • Evidence of Thought and production considerations
  • Inclusion of music/sounds.

I feel this is a fun way to wrap up the semester and I am also open to suggestions.