Five Weeks Remain

GimpA few of you have failed to get your work in on the due dates. While I consider myself fairly understanding on the time front, I am assessing you a 15 point deduction for every date that you are late. For some, this might mean a grade of 20 out of 100. Much like the workplace, you are expected to meet deadlines. Failure to do so, means repurcussions. Please don’t be surprised if your progress reports reflect the lack of punctuality. Somehow, I told you so, doesn’t quite cut it.

May 12-16th

Monday-Workon Completion of Alice world.

Tuesday-Alice World is completely due at end of class today!

Wednesday-If you have not completed your Flash project (drawing a head and animating it), you must have this done by end of class Thursday.


Thursday-Tech talk and possibly an Introduction to Gimp. Gimp is an open source program that has many of the same photo manipulation features of Adobe Photoshop. To get an introduction to layers, please go here:

Friday: Continue to work on Gimp. Here is the next Gimp Project if you finish:

Take this picture

Gimp activity

Now you are to change the color, size and background using Gimp. Also, add text to the ball.

This is due at the end of class on Monday.