Six Weeks Left

WOW! I am constantly amazed with the creativity being demonstrated by many of you in the Graveyard exercise and the other activities. Please keep it up as it makes the classroom environment exciting and humorous. A new feature in Alice is the Custom Character Creation mode. If you go to the end of the people objects menu there is an option for he builder and she builder. Create yourself or your classmate and drop them into a world of your own making.

GraveyardPlease remember that when you miss a class, it is your responsibility to ask about makeup work. If you miss a quiz, an assignment, or anything else, you must see me. Here is the tentative schedule for the next few weeks:

Friday-May 2-Tech Current Event Discussion-COMPUTERS OFF!!!!!

Monday-May 5th-Continue Alice Graveyard

Tuesday-May 6th-Graveyard finishes up

Wednesday-May 7th-Tech Current Event Quiz-Start work on your own world. Remember that I am looking for as much creativity as possible. This is the time when you get to demonstrate everything you have learned through trial and error, tutorials and questions.

Thursday-May 8th-Work on your own world in Alice

Friday-May 9th-Work on your own world. After finishing, please save as I will be grading them. Then move to this link:

and complete using Flash MX 2004, found in the Macromedia folder on your computer under Start Menu, Programs.  This is strictly an introductory piece.

Monday-May 12th-Last minute work on your world. Finish the head exercise in Flash MX.

Tuesday-May 13th-Animating in Flash MX 2004. We will work on this each week as we also try to touch on other programs before the end of the school year.

Wednesday-May 14th-Most of you have been working fairly hard. Surprise Technology. We may do Flash or we may do Picasa or we may do Lego. Please let me know what your preferences are.

Thursday-May 15th-Continue with above

Friday-May 16th-Continue with Above

Monday-May 19th-Plan on finishing your Sketchup Home this week. I am hoping our server is finally fixed to accomodate this.

 Remember that May 26th is Memorial Day.