April 10-17

Alice The gang from Sims 2Your webpages are due on Friday. Periods 1 & 7 must have them done by the start of class. Period 4 has until 11:00 A.M. due to the in school performance we attended on Wednesday. Please make sure that you either give the page address to me in class or e-mail it to me @ cmooney@luhs18.org.

Friday all classes-We will start our tech reading integration piece. This will last until the end of the semester. Every Friday, we will discuss a tech article submitted by one of your classmates to me. These will be known as tech correspondent reports. It can be anything that is technology related. There are some very good resources out there. Here are some suggested links:



Please make sure they are tech related (computers, video game technology, auto technology, etc.) I will not accept stories about your favorite sports team.

Also, we will start on Monday with a formal introduction to Alice. You can find more information about Alice at www.alice.org. The Alice program has partnered with EA games to build the popular Sims series of computer games. It is a great introduction to programming without having to learn hours of code strands. You will start with the tutorials that can be accessed by clicking on the Alice program that I have installed on all of your desktops. For the first week, I will allow you to work in pairs of two. Once you have finished the tutorials, you are to move on to chapter 1 in the handout packet I have in the front of the class. The exercises at the end of Chapter 1 are due on Thursday at the beginning of class. No late work will be accepted. 

As a final note, from now on when we are doing the tech writing/reading piece on Fridays, absolutely no computers are to be on.No games, cellphones, mp3 players, nothing, zilch, nada. Just you, your ears and a piece of paper and writing utensil.  Failure to observe this will negatively reflect on your grades and will result in a detention slip. There will be no exceptions to this rule!