Fall 2011

Personal Finance: Here is a resource that we will be utilizing. Please bookmark it as it will be part of our semester work:


Computer Apps: Please read through the syllabus you have been handed. You are responsible for bringing a signed copy of this with you to your next class. We will go over our assignment procedures and methods of contact and assignment submission.


June 6th-10th

Computer Apps: All exercises up to PPT 22 are due by Wednesday.

Here is the link to the Sketchup Skatepark Exercise:



Business Startups-Link to Elevator Pitch Presentation is here:


Tues and Wednesday will be used for Business Plan Work.

Thursday-Group 1 Elevator Pitch (Bryce, Emery, Still)

Friday-Group 2 Elevator Pitch (Everyone Else)

All Business Plans must be turned in on the day of your final, Tuesday of next week, 9:55-11:25 A.M.

Radio Station-We will meet immediately after school on Thursday in the Radio Station.

May 31-June 3rd

Computer Applications-All PPT work up to PPT12 must be done by Thursday the 2nd by end of class.

Many of you have not turned in your open book quiz. It is now late. Refer to earlier posts for the specific pages.

If you finish up to PPT 12. You are to move on to PPT 13, PPT 14, PPT 15. The ending assignment dates will be given next week.  My goal is to have you finish as much of the assignments as possible by Tuesday of next week.

Friday-Quiz over PPT materials.

We are nearing the end of the year. Please make sure that you review the quizzes and tests that I have handed back and reviewed with you. You will see parts of them on your comprehensive final.

Business Startups:

Your Marketing Research Assignment due date has been moved up a day to a due date of June 3rd.. Please utilize your class time to finish it. Remember that this is going to count as two test grades. If you have not done your outside research yet, you are sabotaging yourself. Please get this done. If you finish this early, please turn in to me and continue working on your Business Plan and Financials. On Friday, we will start preparation for your elevator pitch. This will take place next week and will be part of your final grade.

Radio Station: There will be a station clean-up and organization day coming soon. Please see me for your availability.

May 23rd-May 27th


Monday-Catch up day. Please refer to last week’s post for any questions about where you should be. FOR THE BOOKWORK, YOU MUST TYPE OUT THE ENTIRE QUESTION AND ANSWER TO RECEIVE CREDIT. EACH QUESTION IS WORTH 5 POINTS. This is a quiz grade.

Tuesday-PPT 2, PPT 3, PPT 4

Wednesday- PPT 5, PPT6, PPT7

Thursday-PPT 8,  PPT 9 & PPT 10

Friday-PPT 11 & PPT 12

Business Startups

Monday-Work on Business Plan. I will be checking in. Don’t forget about an effective Executive Summary, you should be starting to compose this.

Tuesday-June 2nd-Marketing Research Assignment. This will count as two test grades, so make it count. I will distribute today. This will require outside class work; I will be giving you plenty of time to complete this. Your focus group can be the students in class or your benchmark will need to be from businesses found online or in this state. Either option requires you to invest a substantial amount of time, so plan accordingly.

Radio Station: Stay tuned for an announcement about the remainder of the year’s activities.

May 16th-20th

Computer Apps:

Monday: Finishing Team Graphing Exercise (See Me). Also complete EX33 & EX34.

Tuesday: EX35, EX 36 & EX37.

Wednesday: Go over Answers from last week’s quiz and a Current Event.

Current Event is Here:


See me for the questions related to this.

Thursday: EX38 & EX 39. When finished with these. You are to go to this link and complete this exercise entitled Fast Food Fun. All links except KFC are working. Remember to read the instructions thoroughly.


Friday: EX 40, PPT 1. In textbook, read PPT3-PPT24. Complete Vocabulary, Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank. Write these out. This will be considered an open book quiz.

Business Startups:

Monday-Hand Back Quiz, Review Answers and Work on Business Plan Financials.

Tuesday-Text Book. Read page 118-140. Please pay attention to the terms and concepts as there will be a quiz next week. Please complete Page 122-Think Critically, Pg. 125-Think About It, #1, #2 and #3, Pg. 128-What Went Wrong and Page 130-Think About It, #1, #2, #3 and #5 (Communication) THIS IS DUE TOMORROW AT THE START OF CLASS!

Wednesday-Current Event-


See me for the questions related to this.

Prepare Questions for Tomorrow’s Guest Speaker

Thursday-Guest Speaker

Friday-Introduction to an Elevator Pitch. Discussion of yesterday’s guest speaker and Discussion of Tuesday’s Homework.

May 9th-13th

Computer Apps:

Monday-EX24, EX25 & EX26. All work from last week (exercises, EX20-EX23, Cellphone Assignment and Current Event are due today!


Tuesday-EX27, EX28 & EX29.

Wednesday-EX30, EX31 & EX32.

Thursday-Excel TEST.

Friday-EXCEL Graphing Assignment. See Me.

Business Startups

Monday-Development of questions for Skype Guest Speaker Tomorrow

Tuesday-Skype Guest Speaker

Wednesday-Business Plan Work

Thursday-Business Plan Work. Start placing data in Excel Financials.

Friday-Hand back of assignments. Review of test answers.

May 2-May 6th

Computer Apps:

Monday-Quiz. When finished, you are to complete EX20.

Tuesday-Textbook.Read EX87-EX104. Complete the Vocabulary. Write out the Multiple Choice and The Fill in the Blank.

Wednesday-EX21 and EX22

Thursday-Handback and Review Quiz. See me for Cell Phone Usage Assignment. When you have finished that, move to EX23.

Friday-Current Event:


See me for the accompanying questions.

Business Startups:

Monday-Business Plan Work. Also check and verify that you received the financials spread sheet in your email.

Tuesday-Trip to Career Fair.

Wednesday-Quiz over material from last week.

Thursday-Read page 104-117. Complete Be Your Own Boss on Page 107, Spreadsheet Exercise on Page 111 and Think Critically on Page 117.

Friday-Discussion over last night’s homework.  Both flyers and spreadsheets must be turned in today.